724.3415/4573: Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay ( Dominian ) to the Secretary of State

19. Minister for Foreign Affairs invited me to Foreign Office this morning to tell me that he considered that withdrawal of Paraguay from League of Nations made it possible to call promptly an inter-American conciliation conference for the settlement of the Chaco conflict, which could meet at Buenos Aires or any other capital to be determined by the American states. However, he still shows partiality to choice of Montevideo. He also said that he believed that both belligerents favored such action and were ready to agree to the calling at once of such a meeting.

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As I surmised that his statements were made preliminary to the possible submitting of a proposal by Uruguay that such a conference be called without delay or the taking of action in some form not yet decided upon by him I asked him to keep me informed of any steps the Uruguayan Government might take. This he agreed to do.