724.34119/70: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

154. From Gibson. Seventh plenary session of the Peace Conference this afternoon:

Failed to approve minutes of the sixth session which were not an accurate summary and ordered them revised.
Established definitely that the functions of the committee on the exchange and repatriation of prisoners of war included promotion of agreement on that subject between the contending parties.
(Several despatches giving background on the two foregoing points forwarded by air mail today.)
Set up committee of one representative of each of the ex-belligerents and three neutrals, latter representing Brazil, Peru and Uruguay, to make recommendations concerning formation of international commission to which question of responsibilities is to be submitted for opinion under article I paragraph No. [7?] of the Protocol (chairman did not make suggestion covered by my 151 of July 24, 9 p.m.)
Decided that neutral members of Conference should hear both parties successively on fundamental question at next Wednesday’s session. It was decided by lot that Paraguay will make first presentation. [Gibson.]