Memorandum by Mr. Eugene H. Dooman of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs of a Conversation With the Counselor of the Japanese Embassy (Fujii)

Mr. Fujii stated that the Japanese Embassy had been instructed by the Japanese Government to inform the Department that:

The Japanese Government accepts the invitation of the American Government to discuss regulation of Japanese exports of cotton textiles to the Philippine Islands, The Japanese Government would be prepared to undertake such regulation on the basis of the actual quantity of Japanese cotton textiles imported last year into the Philippine Islands. The Japanese cotton textile trade would not regard with favor limitation on the basis of the allotment to Japan of a certain percentage of imports, for the reason that the Japanese cotton trade would need to know precisely the amount which could be introduced into the Philippine Islands. It is the Japanese Government’s view that an arrangement, if made, should have a duration of two years. The Japanese Government would, however, enter into an arrangement only upon certain conditions, as follows:

That there shall be no increase in tariff during the duration of the arrangement;
That there shall be no division into various categories of textiles of the total annual allotment; and
That the total Japanese allotment may be used at discretion, without division of the allotment into semi-annual, quarterly or monthly allotments.

I informed Mr. Fujii that I was very glad to know that the Japanese Government would be pleased to enter into a discussion of the matter; and I stated that I would transmit without delay to Mr. Sayre the information which Mr. Fujii had communicated to me.