846G.113/234: Telegram

The Consul at Hong Kong (Gourley) to the Secretary of State

Referring to Department’s telegram May 3, 5 p.m., Ying Tack Kee claims to have no advance orders for Smith and Wesson revolvers, and is simply replenishing stock. Has approximately 70 revolvers of various kinds on hand now. Hong Kong police inform that Ying Tack Kee has no contracts at the present time with South China, which contracts are required to be registered with police at the time they are made in order to establish status of shipment as transshipment cargo when it arrives in Hong Kong. Reference to page 3, paragraph 2 of despatch No. 105667 noting that legitimate shipments to Hong Kong may still find way into China via Macao. The small quantity ordered and the fact of no China contracts tend to suggest legitimacy of the shipment, however.

Hong Kong sporting arms store has Canton (d) contracts to supply 212 Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolvers.

Respectfully suggest undesirability of acquainting American exporters with the fact that information of the above nature is obtainable by this office from the Hong Kong police. Full report by mail.