893.00/12918: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

11. Following telegram has been sent to the Consul General at Hankow:71

“January 4 [?], 2 p.m. Your January 5 [?], 10 p.m., regarding communist men [menace?] to Szechwan.

Telegraphic reports from Canton and Yunnanfu and other information received by the Legation indicate that large Red forces have [Page 665] crossed Wu River in Kweichow, are reported to have captured Tsunyi, and now occupy region between Chenyuan and Tsunyi, Kweichow, where they are in a strategic position to advance north or northwest along several routes into Szechwan. Canton reports that military authorities there believe that these Reds will endeavor to enter Szechwan with the purpose of effecting junction with Reds in northern Szechwan. If Red forces now in Kweichow, or even a large group thereof succeed in entering Szechwan, and particularly if they are able to effect junction with Reds in northern Szechwan, the situation as regards Americans in Szechwan will become most serious.

The Legation has received information which indicates that the National Government is sending troops into Szechwan in order to deal with the communist men [menace?] and especially in order to prevent Reds from crossing Yangtze. Please endeavor to obtain confirmation regarding any action taken by the Government or any movements of National Government troops into Szechwan.

Legation is concerned over safety of Americans in Szechwan and requests that you follow situation closely and report by radio any information you may be able to obtain regarding developments. If and when situation warrants, the Legation suggests that you consider the advisability of issuing a general warning to Americans in Szechwan to consider withdrawal while lines of communication remain open.”

  1. Paul R. Josselyn.