893.01 Manchuria/1280: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

449. Department’s 263, August 27, 6 p.m.

1. The Legation telegraphed to Adams as follows:

“August 30, noon. Your despatch No. 114, August 22 regarding naval review. The question of your attitude has been referred to the Department which inclines toward avoiding acceptance provided, however, that unanimity in this regard can be achieved by you and your British and other colleagues. If you and your colleagues feel that refusal to attend would be impolitic under local conditions or if unanimity in refusal (excluding of course your Japanese colleagues) cannot be achieved then you may accept. Acceptance should be oral if possible and in such manner as not to imply recognition of status of inviting authority and of course without the use of official title. You should not attend banquet. I understand similar instructions have been issued to your British and French colleagues.”

2. Following from Adams was received August 30, 8 p.m.:

“My despatch No. 114, August 22. Senior Consul this morning stated to the Consular Corps that he had been informed by the Deputy Commissioner of Foreign Affairs that no invitations to naval review would be issued to Consuls but that a special place would be reserved for them and that passes would be issued to those who care to apply for them. Consensus of opinion appeared to be that the matter was now one for individual decision but that we should attend informally. I respectfully submit that my relations with local officials make it desirable that I attend and I hope that the Legation will instruct me accordingly. My British and French colleagues are telegraphing in a similar sense to their Legations.”

The Legation has replied as follows:

“August 31, 11 a.m. The Legation perceives no objection to your attending under the circumstances outlined in your telegram number 28.”