893.01 Manchuria/1279: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

437. The Consul General at Harbin reports that it is understood that an invitation will be issued by the “Manchukuo” war minister to Consuls at Harbin to attend a naval review which is to be held early in September and which is to be attended by Pu Yi. Adams understands that an acceptance by him of such an invitation would entail a reply to the war minister and his presence in a section reserved for consular and other officials. He states that the Russian Consul General has said that he was prepared to accept without reference of the matter to his Government because it did not involve anything more than viewing the naval display. Adams’ inclination is to accept the invitation of the war minister without use of his title as Consul General.

The British Embassy informs me that it has been instructed by its Foreign Office to refuse the invitation in case consular representatives of other nations also refused. The British Embassy has informally asked what our attitude in the matter is.
I concur in Adams’ expressed view but desire the Department’s instructions.