793.94/7004: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

139. My 136, June 4, noon. It is reported that Executive Yuan has approved: The dismissal of Chiang Hsiao-hsien from commandership [Page 201]of third group of Peiping gendarmerie; appointment of Wang Keh-min as new Mayor of Tientsin (Wang is senior councilor of the Peiping Political Affairs Readjustment Committee and member of former Anfu Party who was Minister of Finance in 1924); and the appointment of Shang Chen, an adherent of Yen Hsi-shan and chairman of Hopei in 1928, to be Peiping-Tientsin garrison commander. The same report states other officials will be changed, that the Tangpu offices in Tientsin area are being removed to Paotingfu with the Provincial Government, and that official and semiofficial organizations to which the Japanese object will be disbanded under guise of financial necessity. It is also reported that Chiang Kaishek, Wang Ching-wei, Chang Hsueh-liang, Yu Hsueh-chung and other leaders will meet in Hankow on June 10th to discuss North China situation and attempt to formulate a definite future policy in respect to that region. Copy to Hankow by mail.

For the Minister: