393.1123 Winterle/2: Telegram

The Consul at Chefoo (Paxton) to the Secretary of State

Ambassador’s telegram of September 21, 9 a.m.84 has just been received. With regard to paragraph 1 no complaint has been made to me by Honda himself and no evidence submitted by the Japanese, except the statement of the acting Japanese Consul, in his letter referred to that he [was] satisfied from his own investigations that Winterle and other Americans were guilty of the disturbance and that he considered further investigation unnecessary. With reference to paragraph 2 unless otherwise instructed by Monday afternoon September 23, 7 p.m., I propose suggesting in writing to the Japanese Consul that Honda bring a formal complaint before this Consular Court setting September 25th for the hearing. I am complying with paragraph 3. As to paragraph 4 it is respectfully suggested that the U. S. S. Sacramento could return from Chin-wangtao in the guise of a routine movement and might prevent local disturbances by Japanese residents simply by the presence of its shore patrol. With regard to paragraph 5 informal conversations were proceeding satisfactorily until without warning the letter mentioned was received from the Japanese Consulate, presumably due to pressure from local Japanese.

Repeated to the Department, Nanking and Peiping.

  1. See supra, paragraph numbered (2).