The Iranian Ministry for Foreign Affairs to the American Legation in Iran 6

No. 37498/4083

Note Verbale

Pursuant to the conversations held between Their Excellencies Mr. Soheily and the American Minister on the 26th of the current month of Aban (November 18, 1935), regarding customs import duties on Iranian carpets entering the United States of America, the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the honor to state, as orally explained in said interview, that previously the Secretary of the American Legation, in his conversations with the pertinent sections of the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had asserted that the American Government has agreed to a reduction in its tariff on Iranian carpets on the following conditions:

  • First: Present facilities with regard to the importation from America of motor cars and their spare parts should be continued as heretofore.
  • Second: American motor cars should not be subjected to an automotive trade monopoly regime.
  • Third: The requirement to purchase exporters’ dollar (exchange) for American automobiles should be abolished or at least a reduction should be made therein and new charges should not be assessed. Furthermore, he had added that these facilities be maintained in respect of American automobiles for a period of five months in order to enable the American Government, through reference to parties concerned, to determine the rate of reduction in import customs duty on Iranian carpets which it may be possible to accord.

As it was verbally explained in view of the desire which the Iranian Government authorities have for increased trade relations between the two countries and in accordance with the request of the Legation, they have agreed not to introduce any changes, for a period of five months, in the present condition of automobile trade and the commercial facilities at present extended to this commodity. On the other hand they hope the American Government will, during this period, make a substantial reduction which will have a practical effect on Iranian carpet exports. And this arrangement is to be regulated through the conclusion of a trade agreement between the two governments. In any event it is evident that future decisions of the Iranian Government with regard to requirements for the importation of automobiles will depend on decisions to be taken by the American Government concerning the reduction of its tariff on carpets.

  1. Transmitted to the Department by the Minister in Iran in his despatch No. 634, November 25; received December 16.