765.84/1722: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

326. Your 188, October 9, 9 p.m. I limited my discussion to Avenol, Laval and Eden. Their views were all in accord and would probably be decisive. I felt that further discussion was unnecessary and might give rise to publicity.

[Page 844]

Avenol said that he had always been of the opinion that it was a mistake to push for United States cooperation. It would be always welcomed by the League but only when it was equally welcome to America. He therefore had consistently taken the position that he would not acquiesce in the issue of such invitation unless and until I had indicated to him that it would be agreeable.

Laval admitted that he had not given the matter much thought but stated that he much appreciated [my?] presenting the question in this way to him and that henceforward if the matter of an invitation were raised he would take the position that he considered it inopportune.

Eden said that he had been particularly careful not to take any steps which could embarrass the United States and that he had reached the conclusion before I spoke to him that it might be embarrassing to us to have an invitation issued. Now that he was apprised of our views he would oppose issuing the invitation.