765.84/443: Telegram

The Chargé in Ethiopia ( George ) to the Secretary of State

53. Department’s telegram No. 30, July 5, noon.43 Ethiopian Foreign Minister’s 5–page note of July 3d confirms Emperor’s oral statement. Opening paragraph states:

“Referring to the interview you had with His Majesty the Emperor last December, to the aide-mémoire delivered on that occasion and to the reply of the Government of the United States which you delivered orally, I have the honor to summarize below the present situation reached by the evolution of the Italo-Ethiopian dispute”.

Succeeding paragraphs state Ethiopia already worried last August by Italian armament in colonies and asked explanations in Rome; and refer to (1) mutual assurances exchanged September; (2) Italian efforts to magnify Gondar incident of November; (3) Ethiopian view of Walwal incident of December 4, 1934; [4?] treaty invoked and arbitration applied for and refused; (5) December 14th appeal to the League; [Page 727] (6) pretended Italian acceptance arbitration and League decision of January 17th; (7) Ethiopian declaration of March 16th regarding a desire direct negotiations; (8) second appeal to the League when Italian delegation Geneva accepted arbitration while Legation here simultaneously limited scope to Walwal responsibilities; (9) final appointment arbitrators; (10) continued Italian mobilization and propaganda; (11) early May it became clear Italy intended conquest; (12) May action of League; (13) now evident after 7 months fruitless negotiation Italy has not renounced realization ambitions by war; (14) gravity of menace apparent; (15) failure of Eden visit to Rome.

Note concludes:

“Imperial Ethiopian Government being signatory of Briand-Kellogg Pact of which the American Government was the principal initiator, His Majesty the Emperor Haile Selassie I commands me to ask your Government to examine means by which observance by Italy of her engagements as signatory of this Pact may be assured.[”]

  1. Not printed; it instructed the Chargé to telegraph full text of that part of the Emperor’s statement in which he asked consideration of the dispute with Italy in connection with the Kellogg Pact (765.84/432).