765.84/311: Telegram (part air)

The Consul at Geneva (Gilbert) to the Secretary of State

174. Consulate’s 138, April 15, 7 p.m.11 Abyssinian Minister to France13 has addressed a note to the Secretary General dated May 11 in which he requests him to advise the Council of the serious situation being created by mobilization in Italy and by the despatch of more troops to Eritrea and Somaliland. Recalling the conciliatory views expressed by both powers before the Council in January and April of this year he states that Italy has not taken the “smallest step” in the direction of arbitration. He accuses Italy of approaching certain foreign governments some of whose nationals were likely to be selected as arbitrators by the Ethiopian Government and of requesting them to deter their nationals from accepting such appointments. Reference is likewise made to a communication from the Italian Minister at Addis Ababa inviting the Ethiopian Government to choose arbitrators of Ethiopian nationality. He urges the Council to endeavor in accordance with article 15 of the Covenant to bring about a settlement of the dispute.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Teclé Hawariate.