765.84/119: Telegram

The Chargé in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

19. My 14, January 11, 4 p.m.3 In a conversation with Suvich4 yesterday evening he confirm the attitude of the Italian Government in that it opposed the submission to the League of the Ualual incident on the ground that the facts as ascertained prove that the Abyssinians were the aggressors and that the attack was clearly unjustifiable. Suvich said that the Italian Government in demanding directly apologies and reparations was not influenced by any considerations of prestige but felt that if these demands were not insisted upon incidents of this nature would multiply and there could be no basis of tranquility in the relations between Ethiopia and Italy. He added that he hoped that the Abyssinian Government could be persuaded to meet the Italian demands but that if direct negotiations failed the matter might have to be submitted to the League. Suvich intimated that in that event he believed that a recognition of the merits of the case as well as considerations of policy in dealing with a government as “backward” as that of Abyssinia would result in an indefinite postponement of any action on the matter by the League Council.

Repeated to Geneva.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Fulvio Suvich, Italian Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.