765.84/2799: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt ( Fish ) to the Secretary of State

103. By decree signed yesterday and to enter into effect upon its publication, probably tomorrow,34 the Egyptian Government is applying integrally the sanctions provided in proposals 1, 3 and 4 adopted by the Coordination Committee of the League at its first session. The declaration provides that amendments to the lists of prohibited war materials and of exports to Italy, as well as the right to admit certain goods of Italian origin may be made after approval by the Council of Ministers. Transit through Egypt of Italian products is not prohibited. Any goods imported or exported which fall within the terms of the decree will be considered contraband and will come under article 33 et seq. of the Egyptian customs regulations. The original intention to justify the infringement of Italian treaty and other rights in Egypt in the preamble has been abandoned. Instead [Page 593] a statement of the Prime Minister has been annexed to the decree referring to the invitation extended by the League to Egypt to participate in the sanctions and stating that the present decision is based on Egypt’s duty towards peace and the Kellogg Pact to which it is signatory. The Prime Minister added that all agreements with Italy not consistent with sanctions will be suspended, particularly the commercial agreement.

  1. The decree was published December 2.