883.05/554: Telegram (part air)

The Minister in Egypt ( Fish ) to the Secretary of State

1. Department’s telegram No. 1. In view of the aggravation of Egyptian nationalist sentiment since the forwarding of the Legation’s despatch No. 320 of August 13, 1935, the Legation fully shares the Department’s opinion of the desirability of accepting the proposed amendment without reservations. This appears to be the feeling also of other interested powers who have replied with the exception of Italy which for special reasons [apparent omission] application [of] [Page 577] sanctions16 may delay its acceptance. In any case the powers will profit from the French reservation independently of whether a similar reservation may be made by them. So far as may be ascertained the reaction of the Egyptian Government is one of animosity that the French Government should always hedge its acceptance of such modifications with reservations.

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