883.05/526: Telegram (part air)

The Minister in Egypt ( Fish ) to the Secretary of State

4. Legation’s 67, December 27 [29], 3 p.m.11 British Government’s reply dated January 21st states there is no objection to the way being opened for Egyptian judges to preside Chambers but as the General Assembly of the Court of Appeals had quite clearly adopted a judicial interpretation of the existing law when it rejected this demand last February an amendment of the regulations will be necessary.

Arabic may of course be used in judgments and the reason it has not been used was due solely to the desire to facilitate smooth working of the courts. Nor is Arabic the only one of the four languages which has been neglected for reasons of administrative convenience. Discretion must lie with the Chamber as a whole subject to the general guidance of the President of the General Assembly. British Government would view with the gravest concern attempts to enforce the use of any one language for a political purpose.

British Government adds that it considers Egyptian note’s criticisms of capitulations and Mixed Courts as irrelevant and will not reply to them but its forbearance must not be taken that it is in any way in agreement with them.

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