Memorandum by the Under Secretary of State (Phillips)

During his call this morning the Egyptian Minister made a very strong appeal that we reply favorably to the recent note received from the Egyptian Government through our Legation in Cairo with regard [Page 570] to raising certain points in connection with the Mixed Court. The principal point involved, according to the Minister, was the use of the Arabic language by the Egyptian Judge; he gave me the impression that Arabic was one of the languages which was officially permitted in Court procedure; he said that his Government’s request was made upon the insistence of the Prime Minister, who felt strongly about it; all that he asked of us was that we reply that, so far as the United States was concerned, it had no objection; he felt that this would be immensely appreciated by the Egyptian Government and people and would gain new sympathy and admiration for the United States throughout Egypt; he spoke about the Democratic regime in this country as a liberal one; he referred to the fact that the Egyptian people were proud of their nationality and language and he felt confident that the American Government would recognize their just claims in this instance.

William Phillips