711.90H/30: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Straus) to the Secretary of State

129. After considerable delay, the Afghan Minister called yesterday stating that he had submitted the matter of an accord to his Government which preferred a formal treaty. I pointed out that the ratification of a treaty was a matter that would consume considerable time and that I had assumed his interest was to establish provisional relations before the setting up of a legation in Kabul after which time the question of more formal relations could be studied.

In my opinion, this counter-proposal need not be taken very seriously as the Afghan Minister Shah Wali immediately said that if it was my opinion that such a procedure would result in too great delay he would in all probability be prepared to sign the accord as originally proposed.

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Unless otherwise instructed, I shall proceed at the earliest opportunity to obtain his signature to the accord forwarded with the Department’s instruction No. 692, January 2d, 1935, for which he has full powers.