The Ambassador in France (Straus) to the Secretary of State

No. 1282

Sir: I have the honor to report that on the occasion of the call which the Afghan Minister, H. R. H. Shah Wali paid on me, after my communication to him of September 6, 1934,1 enclosing, in accordance with the Department’s Instruction No. 549 of August 28, 1934,2 the original and copy of a letter addressed by the President to His Majesty Mohammed Zahir, King of Afghanistan, according the recognition by the United States of Afghanistan, H. R. H. Shah Wali raised the question of future relations between the Afghan monarchy and the United States. He expressed the hope that these relations might be established on a permanent basis as soon as possible and that to that end a treaty of friendship should be concluded. He followed up this suggestion by a note, a copy and translation of which are enclosed herewith.3

In my reply, a copy and translation of which are likewise transmitted herewith,3 I contented myself with saying that I had carefully examined his communication and would not fail to take up the matter with him at a later date. Since that reply, I have had a personal talk with H. R. H. Shah Wali on the occasion of M. Barthou’s4 funeral, at which time I informed him that I had forwarded his letter to the Department of State. Accordingly, I shall await the Department’s suggestions for a reply.

Respectfully yours,

Jesse Isidor Straus
  1. Not found in Department files.
  2. Foreign Relations, 1934, vol. ii, p. 750.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Not printed.
  5. Jean Louis Barthou, French Foreign Minister, assassinated October 9, 1934.