840.515 Gold Bloc/60

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Geneva ( Blake )4

Sir: Reference is made to your despatch No. 1173 Political,5 with which there was transmitted a letter and enclosures from Mr. Stoppani, Director of the Economic Relations Section of the League Secretariat, to Mr. Oscar B. Ryder, substitute for Mr. Norman Davis on the Joint Committee on Compensation and Clearing Agreements.

There is enclosed for your information a copy of Mr. Ryder’s reply to Mr. Stoppani dated March 5, 1935.6

Mr. Ryder has informed the Department that he intends to sail from New York on March 13, 1935, to attend the meeting of the Joint Committee on Compensation and Clearing Agreements beginning March 25. It is expected that he will arrive in Geneva about the twenty-first or twenty-second of March, as it is his desire to spend the intervening period before the opening of the Joint Committee’s sessions in studying such additional material on the subject of that Committee’s deliberations as may then be available in Geneva.

The Department has instructed Mr. Henry Deimel of the Office of the Economic Adviser to accompany Mr. Ryder, to lend him all possible assistance in an expert capacity in connection with the subject of the Joint Committee’s deliberations, and at the same time to familiarize himself as fully as possible with all aspects of this subject.

The Department will appreciate your extending to Mr. Ryder and to Mr. Deimel all assistance and cooperation as you may find appropriate and practicable in the circumstances. You are requested to transmit such telegrams as they may desire to send to the Department from Geneva.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
William Phillips
  1. Mr. Blake was charged with the direction of the Consulate in the absence of Mr. Prentiss Gilbert.
  2. Dated February 4, 1935, not printed.
  3. Supra.