811.79640/97: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Canada (Armour)

137. Representatives of the British, Irish and Canadian Governments are meeting in Ottawa for the purpose of discussing the establishment of a trans-Atlantic air service. The Department has received notes from the missions of these Governments in Washington to the effect that upon the conclusion of negotiations in Ottawa the representatives will proceed to Washington to undertake similar discussions here. The Department has informed the British and Irish Governments that it will welcome their representatives and is today similarly informing the Canadian Government.

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I should like to have you, in such manner as you consider appropriate, inform the representatives of these Governments in Ottawa that your Government would find it helpful to receive as soon as possible before their arrival in Washington a general outline of the questions which they propose to discuss with the representatives of the United States. The representatives of the foreign Governments concerned will appreciate that with a view to having an orderly discussion of the questions to be brought up it will be desirable to have specific information.

For your confidential guidance it may be added that such information would be of great assistance to the Department by affording an opportunity to give consideration in advance to the questions which will be raised.

At the same time the Department desires that you follow the course of the negotiations in Ottawa as closely as may be possible and report any information you may be able to obtain as to the results thereof.

You are authorized in your discretion to use the telegraph in reporting on the above points.