811.114 British Honduras/191

The Secretary of the Treasury (Morgenthau) to the British Ambassador (Lindsay)54

My Dear Sir Ronald: I have received with appreciation your letter of July 31st in which you recount the steps which have been taken in the various British possessions in this hemisphere to prevent the smuggling of alcohol and liquor into the United States.

Without commenting in detail on the action which has been taken in the various colonies, I may say that we are greatly impressed with the evident desire of your Government to cooperate with us and assist us in the suppression of illicit traffic. I hope that we may feel free to discuss with you in an informal way from time to time any problems which may arise in connection with possible illicit shipments from particular localities.

I desire to express to you my very deep appreciation of your helpful cooperation in this matter.

With renewed thanks [etc.]

H. Morgenthau Jr.
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department of State by the Treasury Department.