811.114 Newfoundland/1215

The Counselor of the British Embassy ( Osborne ) to the Secretary of the Treasury ( Morgenthau )34

Dear Mr. Secretary: I am pleased to be able to inform you that we are now authorized to advise you that action is being taken by the Government of Newfoundland which will ensure: (a) that clearance for “the high seas” with exports of liquor be prohibited, (b) that no liquor may be exported from St. John’s in a vessel of less than 200 tons (this prohibition already applies in regard to other Newfoundland ports), and (c) that a bond be required in respect of liquor exported from, or transshipped in, Newfoundland, whether in the case of St. John’s or other ports of Newfoundland.

Believe me [etc.]

D. G. Osborne
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department of State by the British Embassy.