811.113 Senate Investigation/240

Memorandum by Mr. Joseph C. Green of the Division of Western European Affairs

I called Mr. Raushenbush, the Secretary of the Nye Committee, by telephone this morning and asked him to send me by special messenger a copy of the report which the Committee made to the Senate yesterday afternoon. The copy is attached hereto.20

I said to Mr. Raushenbush that, from the accounts which appeared in the newspapers this morning in regard to the report, it would appear that the Committee had not gone as far as my conversations of last Friday with him and with Senator Nye had led me to believe it would go in regard to legislation modifying our neutrality policy. Mr. Raushenbush told me that the change of plan had been due to [Page 329] the attitude of the Committee on Foreign Relations. When this attitude was made known to the Nye Committee, it decided to modify its report so as not to come into collision with the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Joseph C. Green
  1. Congressional Record, vol. 79, pt. 5, p. 4726.