500.A15A4/2622: Telegram

The American Adviser (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

960. Aghnides2 states Henderson3 approves committees meeting the first days of February. Aghnides also says there is a “gentleman’s agreement” among chairmen of the three committees4 that there will be no meeting until that time.

Formal convocation of committees by respective chairmen can scarcely be anticipated until during or after Saar Council.5 However, in line with above information, it seems safe for Wilson6 to arrive here by February 1st.

  1. Thanassis Aghnides, Director of the Disarmament Section of the League of Nations.
  2. Arthur Henderson, President of the Disarmament Conference.
  3. Special Committee for the Regulation of Trade in and the Private and State Manufacture of Arms; Technical Committee Dealing With the National Defense Expenditure Commission; Committee on Miscellaneous Provisions.
  4. The eighty-fourth session of the Council of the League of Nations was held January 11–21, the Saar plebiscite taking place on January 13.
  5. Hugh R. Wilson, American Minister in Switzerland and head of the United States delegation to the Disarmament Conference.