837.00/4625: Telegram

The Personal Representative of the President (Caffery) to the Acting Secretary of State

31. My telegram No. 26, January 16, 1 p.m., paragraph 2. Admiral Freeman sent a few minutes ago the following memorandum prepared by his flag lieutenant which he considered to be of much [Page 103] importance in view of the very grave [situation?] facing the American owned public utilities here.

“I have just returned from an interview with President Hevia. He expressed a desire that Mr. Caffery be informed of the following: A general strike affecting public utilities is planned for 6 a.m., 17th January. This strike is engineered by Guiteras. This strike must be settled promptly, and peaceably, if possible.

He greatly desires some expression of confidence, or support, from Mr. Caffery, feeling that such an expression would materially strengthen his hand, and aid him in settling this strike.

When asked what strike ‘expression’ he wanted, he stated that he meant any communication which could be interpreted as helpful or optimistic.


R. P. Erdman”

I therefore authorized the Admiral’s flag lieutenant to convey the following verbal message to Hevia

“Having heard of the threatened public utilities strike planned for tomorrow morning at 6, I have asked Admiral Freeman’s flag lieutenant to say to you that I have confidence in the ability of the authorities here to handle this situation in a manner worthy of the best traditions of Cuba.”