837.00/4591a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Personal Representative of the President ( Caffery )

9. For Caffery from Welles. After changing his plans three times within the past week, Márquez Sterling called this morning to tell me that he had withdrawn his resignation and was proceeding to Habana tonight. It is obvious that he is hopeful of his own selection as a compromise candidate for the presidency.

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He stated that upon his return to Habana he would request Grau to call a full cabinet meeting at which he would read a declaration of his views as to the policy which should be pursued with regard to the relations between Cuba and the United States; that he would point out that all of the recommendations he has offered Grau in the past four months have been disregarded; and that he would urge upon Grau the necessity of modifying the policy heretofore pursued by his Government with a view to obtaining recognition by the United States and by the other Republics of this hemisphere. He told me that unless Grau and his Government agree to follow his recommendations he would resign his office and return immediately to the United States.

He expressed no faith whatever in the negotiations of the Uruguayan Minister, but stated that he felt that you could be of the utmost assistance in furthering his efforts to solve the present problems.

In reply to an inquiry from him I stated that the policy of this Government with regard to Cuba as announced by the President in his Warm Springs statement7 had not been and would not be modified. [Welles.]

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