Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation With the Uruguayan Minister (Richling)

The Minister, during his call, inquired whether there were any new developments touching possibilities of a further trade agreement between Uruguay and the United States. I replied that we had individuals and groups carefully developing all the facts and making studies of trade possibilities with most of the Latin American countries, including Uruguay, and that during the coming months we hoped to be able to do what then might prove to be feasible in the way of further trade arrangements. I reminded him that we were obliged to move very slowly, having in mind opposition sentiment and other extreme difficulties to overcome, but that we were very anxious to work out any and all possible additional trade arrangements with his and certain other countries; that it would probably be after the November election; and that moreover at the beginning it might only be possible to work out agreements which related to but very few and possibly minor commodities; that however as sentiment improved it would be possible within six or twelve months following to develop a supplementary trade agreement, etc. The Minister replied that he fully understood the situation. He finally suggested that Uruguay produces a better cognac than France and that they could receive a substantial amount of cotton goods from us in exchange for cognac. I requested him to talk with Dr. Sayre6 from time to time, as well as with myself, and stated that we would keep all phases of these suggestions specially in mind until the time an opportunity came to consider them more definitely and fully.

C[ordell] H[ull]
  1. Francis B. Sayre, Assistant Secretary of State.