The Minister in Panama (Gonzalez) to the Secretary of State

No. 476

Sir: I have the honor to report and to enclose an article appearing in today’s issue of the Panama American,61 which I have been unable to leave without notice, since the slurring remarks made against the United States by a public official of the City of Colón at a public gathering is more than should be expected.

Ever since the negotiations have been in the course of conversation between the Department and the Republic of Panama,62 various articles have appeared of a scurrilous nature, reflecting discredit upon the United States and the American people, but the source from which they came did not deserve any official notice. The article referred to, however, does refer to remarks made by a public official, and for that reason I have filed with the Secretary of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Panama a protest, copy of which is hereto attached.

Respectfully yours,

Antonio C. Gonzalez
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The American Minister (Gonzalez) to the Panamanian Minister for Foreign Affairs (Arosemena)

No. 276

Excellency: I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that I wish to enter a protest on behalf of my Government against the speech which was made by Mr. Luis Sayavedra, Municipal Auditor of the City of Colón, on the 2nd day of November, 1934, before a large audience, on the first day of Panama’s program of celebrations of Panama’s thirty-first independence anniversary, when he referred to the United States as a monster beside whom Sir Henry Morgan who sacked Old Panama was an angel. This speech appeared in the Panama American of Saturday, November 3, 1934. I think that such remarks, coming from an officer, are wholly uncalled for and inexcusable, and I demand on behalf of my Government an apology.

There have been many speeches recently made and published in the newspapers discrediting my Government, but I have not until the present paid much attention to it and indexed them as coming from those who knew no better than to make such statements, but when statements such as above mentioned emanate from a public official, I am duty bound to take notice of the same and to file a protest thereto. I regret that such incidents should happen, as they tend to disrupt, not only the Good Neighbor Policy maintained by my Government, but also the friendship which would exist between my people and those of Panama.

Accept [etc.]

Antonio C. Gonzalez
  1. Not reprinted.
  2. See pp. 581 ff.