Press Release Issued by the Department of State, November 5, 1934

In accordance with announcements made last spring, conversations have been taking place during the past summer between the Minister of Panama and Assistant Secretary of State Welles in exploration of the possibilities of negotiating agreements between the United States and Panama for the purpose of removing all those differences and causes of misunderstanding which have arisen in the relations between the two countries as a result of the construction and operation of the Panama Canal.

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These conversations have progressed in the most satisfactory manner and the President of Panama has now appointed a commission to undertake the negotiation of such agreements with the United States. The commission is composed of Dr. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Minister of Panama in Washington, who will preside over the commission, Dr. Narciso Garay, Secretary of Public Instruction and former Secretary of Foreign Relations, and Dr. Carlos L. Lopez, former Secretary of Government and Justice and Second Designate to exercise the Executive Power.

The first session of the series of conferences which will take place was held today in the Department of State.