817.00/8020: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica ( Sack ) to the Secretary of State

23. Colonel Ferretti, Sandino aide, refugee here in interview in Diario de Costa Rica today says: “The American Minister is the true Chief of the Guardia Nacional of Nicaragua and with Moncada principal person responsible for the cowardly assassination of my unforgettable chief.”

Ferretti in nasty interview also seeks to imply that Minister Lane had advance knowledge of assassination and was one of the conspirators. In La Tribuna today Octavio Jiminez, professional Yankeebaiting contributor to Repertorio Americano, in interview expresses sorrow that Costa Rica expelled Nicaraguans who insulted American flag. Jiminez also says Costa Ricans should rejoice because asylum has been given Ferretti.

Continued publication of such unchallenged anti-American propaganda likely to prove very harmful to prestige in Latin America and if the Department has any plan in mind to refute such allegations I will be happy to help execute your ideas.

Repeated to Managua.