817.1051/821: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Lane) to the Secretary of State

83. My 82, March 1, 11 p.m. I called on the President this morning and had an extended conversation:

As to the situation in the country. Having said that he had sent orders to the area commanders and to the chiefs of police and that until he had their respective reactions as to the order issued last evening, he would not be able to tell me accurately as to whether the country was tranquil.
He said that he would be glad to accept General Somoza’s invitation to review the Guardia as soon as he had evidence that matters had reached a more normal stage.
He said that he had not yet determined whom he would send to the Central American Conference but indicated (very confidentially) that Crisanto Sacasa would go with two others, one of whom would be a Conservative.
Emphasizing that I was speaking personally as a friend and not officially, I earnestly requested the President to give serious consideration to the advisability of normalizing the situation insofar as his protection is concerned. I expressed the apprehension lest, if he did not do so, the country would not feel that the situation had improved. He promised gradually to reduce defensive measures and said that he was merely waiting to ascertain the general feeling throughout the country before taking action.
The feeling seems to be generally calmer today.