817.00/7952: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Lane) to the Secretary of State

69. 1. President Sacasa today with a view to exerting his authority gave written orders to General Somoza on two matters (a) regarding delivery of 15 rifles to Mboya and (b) providing for validity of passports, now required for purchasing railroad tickets, without the visa of the Guardia. General Somoza tonight showed me his replies to these orders complying explicitly in each case. In my estimation his subordination is the most encouraging development in the past few days.

2. This morning following a conversation with Senator Stadthagen, a leading Conservative, I informed the President that Stadthagen expressed the personal opinion that the representative Conservatives would be willing to cooperate with the Government provided the President requested their presence. The President declined to make a definite request except on the condition that it be made through me and on the understanding that it was due to a suggestion on my part. General Chamorro sent word this evening to me through Stadthagen that he would not care to go to the Presidency on these terms and only unless the President would state concretely his proposal; otherwise the Conservatives might compromise themselves with the Government which they frankly fear. The President to whom I conveyed the Conservative reply indicated that he would not issue a request under such conditions.

3. Somoza told me tonight that Chamorro had sent word to him he would support Guardia and that he had replied thanking him but indicating he did not require support at this time. Somoza said that he conveyed this information immediately to President. The local press appeared tonight for the first time since the night of the 21st and contained the following [(1)] declaration by General Somoza pledging the obedience of Guardia to President Sacasa and (2) a statement by President Sacasa condemning the crime and expressing his confidence in the support of his subordinates and the cooperation of his fellow citizens.