817.00/7941: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Lane ) to the Secretary of State

61. With reference to my telephone conversation with Edward [Edwin?] Wilson this morning regarding possibility of Department issuing statement respecting policy of nonrecognition of revolutionary governments, I told Somoza today (for the purpose of sounding him out) that I might consider it wise to make such a declaration. He strongly objected to such a statement on the ground that the public would feel that it involved the Guardia. This naive admission of the connection between the Guardia and a possible unconstitutional government is I think an added reason for such a statement to be made. If the Department decides to make a statement I trust I may have complete text with authority to furnish to local press.

Vice President Espinosa called on me this afternoon and said that he believed his life in danger as in the event of retirement of President Sacasa he (Espinosa) would be the chief obstacle to Somoza’s ambitions being realized.