817.00/7935: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Lane ) to the Secretary of State

48. My 44, February 9, 3 p.m. Informed by official sources that plane was unable to land at Wiwili and that consequently Sandino’s arrival here will be delayed: meanwhile, there appears to be uncertainty on the part of the Government as to what action it will take.

General Somoza tells me that he will take no action to embarrass the President and that Guardia will be loyal. Reports from consular agent at Matagalpa, however, indicate that tense feeling exists in that region between Guardia and Sandinistas and that the former are anxious to create a pretext in order to attack latter.

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Situation is aggravated because of open antagonism to Government on the part of Chamorro45 and Moncada.46 Furthermore, even if Guardia officers should be loyal to the Government, I have grave doubts as to efficiency and discipline of organization as a whole and as to whether Somoza really controls his men.

  1. General Emiliano Chamorro, Conservative Party candidate for the Vice Presidency of Nicaragua in 1932.
  2. José Maria Moncada, ex-President of Nicaragua.