The Minister in Nicaragua ( Lane ) to the Secretary of State

No. 256

Sir: With reference to my despatch No. 209 of May 15, 1934, I have the honor to state that the Secretary of Hacienda, Doctor Francisco Castro, recently requested me orally to furnish him with a copy of the reciprocal trade agreement concluded between Colombia and the United States. I informed Doctor Castro that I would not be able to furnish him with such an agreement without the Department’s instructions, and I added that I considered it is contrary to the Department’s policy to furnish foreign governments with copies of conventions between the United States and another foreign power prior to the removal of the injunctions of secrecy by the Senate.

I have, however, furnished Doctor Castro with a copy of the joint statement of December 15 issued by the then Acting Secretary of State and the Minister of Colombia,14 as it appeared in the Congressional Record of May 1, 1934 (page 8025 [7755]).

Respectfully yours,

Arthur Bliss Lane