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The Assistant Secretary of State ( Sayre ) to the Ambassador in Mexico ( Daniels )

My Dear Mr. Daniels: Thank you for your letter of November third19 enclosing a copy of the letter from Mr. Thomas H. Lockett, Commercial Attaché, to yourself dated October 30, 1934,19 concerning the negotiation of a limited trade agreement with the Mexican Government, When I wrote you on October 2 I felt that there still might be time to meet the Mexican desire to negotiate a limited trade agreement covering the importation of tomatoes and fresh vegetables from Mexico during the coming winter. Since I wrote that letter, six weeks have passed, and we have not as yet had any direct word from the representatives of Mexico concerning the negotiation of such an [Page 398] agreement. In view of the necessity under the law of holding public hearings and giving sufficient notice in advance of these, it would seem that the possibility of negotiating such a limited trade agreement to cover the shipment of tomatoes and fresh vegetables during the coming winter has now passed and that we must turn our attention instead to the possibility of a more comprehensive trade agreement between the two Governments. Inasmuch as our hands are already more than full with the negotiation of such agreements as have already been publicly announced, I think we will have to wait now and let Mexico take a normal place on the schedule of our trade agreements program.

With warmest wishes [etc.]

Francis B. Sayre
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