611.123 Vegetables/60

The Assistant Secretary of State (Sayre) to the Ambassador in Mexico (Daniels)

My Dear Mr. Daniels: Thank you for your letter of September eighteenth15 with regard to the possibility of making a provisional arrangement with Mexico prior to the coming into force of a definitive trade agreement, so as to make possible the shipment by Mexico of vegetables this coming winter.

Before receiving your letter, I had been studying the two despatches which you mention,16 and our Trade Agreements Section is giving serious consideration to the suggestion contained in the despatches. I have been somewhat concerned, however, lest there be a misunderstanding on the part of the Mexican Government. The terms of our Cuban Trade Agreement are such that we could not give to a third country the same rates that we have given to Cuba on certain Cuban products, Cuba being especially exempt from our most-favored-nation obligations. I sent a telegram to you last week17 explaining this situation.

If Mexico is interested in such a reduction as we can make on tomatoes and fresh vegetables, however, and will grant us concessions in return which are substantial ones to make possible our exportation into Mexico of increased agricultural products, such as lard, I feel that we should give the Mexican proposal the most serious consideration; and, in the event that such an agreement seems desirable, I think it might be possible to push the arrangement through before the making of a more definitive trade agreement in time to take care of the vegetable trade during the coming winter.

I hope all goes well with you and Mrs. Daniels. It is always a delight to hear from you.

With warmest wishes [etc.]

Francis B. Sayre
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