The Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras ( Lay )

No. 598

Sir: The Department has received your despatch No. 1139 of July 5, 1934, reporting the desire of the Government of Honduras that the present embargo on the export of arms and munitions of war from the United States to Honduras remain in effect as concerns rifles and ammunition therefor.

In the light of the information contained in your despatch, this Government will continue the embargo as at present, except that licenses for the exportation of arms and munitions will be issued in the future only after the Department has been informed by the Honduran Legation in Washington that the prospective shipment has the approval of the Honduran Government. This practice will be followed regardless of whether the consignee in Honduras is the Government, an agency of the Government, a firm, or an individual; and it will apply to arms and munitions of all classes, including arms and their ammunition ordinarily used for sporting purposes.

Thus, in the case of each shipment of arms and munitions, the Department will require, not only that an application for an export [Page 384] license be made by the shipper as heretofore, but also that the Honduran Legation in Washington advise the Department that the shipment has the approval of the Honduran Government, it being understood that in no case will the Department of State take the initiative in seeking such an expression of approval from the Honduran Legation. The question of bringing about such notification to the Department through the Honduran Legation is a matter with regard to which the initiative and responsibility will lie with the Honduran Government and the potential shipper or consignee.

With reference to dynamite, blasting powder, and like materials, intended for industrial use, the Department will continue to issue licenses in its own discretion.

You will please inform the Honduran Government of the foregoing and notify the Department as soon as acknowledgment of your communication is made.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Sumner Welles