838.51/2813: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti ( Armour ) to the Secretary of State

19. The President told me this morning that he has heard from Blanchet that President Roosevelt will see him any time during the [Page 349] week beginning April 8th next. He asked me to express his appreciation.

He tells me that he is planning to sail from here if he can obtain accommodations on the Haiti of the Colombian Line, March 22, reaching New York March 26 and remaining there quite unofficially with his brother the Consul until his visit to Washington.63 This will enable him after ascertaining from Blanchet and De la Rue the status of their negotiations to discuss the question of a refunding loan with the bankers and ascertain at first hand just what the difficulties are. He also desires to discuss banana possibilities with officers of the Standard Fruit Company.

He tells me that he will be accompanied by Hibbert, the Minister of Finance, and possibly one other subordinate official.

I am leaving by plane tomorrow but Woodward will keep the Department informed of any changes that may occur in the plans as outlined. Please communicate the above to De la Rue.

  1. For additional information regarding the visit of President Vincent to the United States, see Department of State, Press Releases, March 24, 1934, p. 159; April 7, 1934, p. 187; April 14, 1934, p. 199; and April 21, 1934, p. 216.