The Haitian Minister ( Blanchet ) to the Acting Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to advise Your Excellency that, following the private correspondence exchanged during November last between President Roosevelt and President Vincent54 and the official statements of the Head of the United States delegation to the Montevideo Conference,55 and with a view to realizing our great and [Page 340] common desire to terminate promptly the financial control exercised in Haiti, my Government has given me special instructions to negotiate with the Department of State a definitive arrangement capable of relieving at the same time, if such condition is deemed necessary, the Government of the United States from the obligations that it has assumed with respect to the holders of bonds of the Loan of 1922.

Hoping that a friendly understanding between our two Governments with respect to this important question will permit them to reach the desired result as soon as possible, I take [etc.]

A. Blanchet
  1. File translation revised by the editors.
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