The Department of State to the Haitian Legation


Reference is made to the note of January 13, 1934, from the Minister of Haiti, expressing the interest of his Government in the negotiation of a new commercial treaty for the promotion of trade between the United States and Haiti, and to the memorandum of February 20, 1934, which was handed to the Minister of Haiti, in regard to the exploration of the possibilities of concluding a mutually advantageous trade agreement between the two countries.

On June 12, 1934, the President of the United States of America approved an act of Congress authorizing the President to enter into foreign trade agreements with foreign governments or instrumentalities thereof.36 Pursuant to this act, the Government of the United States is making preliminary studies of the possibilities of concluding such trade agreements, on a reciprocal and mutually beneficial basis, with various foreign countries.

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An inter-Departmental committee, composed of representatives of the Departments interested, has been set up to explore such possibilities in the case of the Republic of Haiti. This committee will be pleased to receive at any time such proposals as the Haitian Government may deem it expedient to lay before this Government.

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