Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State of a Conversation With the Haitian Minister (Blanchet), January 15, 1934

The Haitian Minister left with me the accompanying note25 and went into the question at considerable length of reciprocal trade relations between Haiti and the United States; he spoke of the great good which would come to Haiti if a better market could be found in the United States for certain Haitian products which were not in competition with those produced in the United States; he mentioned Haitian coffee, which 100 years ago went exclusively to the United States; he also mentioned Haitian rum, which was a specialty of its own, different from that of Cuban or any other type of rum; he hoped [Page 310] very much that something could be done to equalize or at least bring into a closer equalization the imports and exports of the two countries.

I said that this was a matter of great interest to the Department and that we would give the matter most careful consideration.

William Phillips
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