The Haitian Secretary of State for Foreign Relations (Laleau) to the American Minister in Haiti (Armour)20


Mr. Minister: As Your Excellency is aware, in the course of the conversations which were held in Cap Haitien on July 5 between His Excellency, President Vincent, and His Excellency, President Roosevelt, it was agreed, on the request of the Haitian Government and because of the rapid progress of the Garde d’Haiti, to terminate on August 1, 1934, the services of the American officers in that organization and that the Marine Brigade will be withdrawn a fortnight later.

Giving effect to this understanding, I have the honor to communicate to Your Excellency in the name of my Government a draft accord for that object. I am most anxious to receive in the shortest possible time a communication from your Government concerning this draft, in order that we can fix an early date for the signature of the accord which is to be concluded between our two Governments.

Once again rendering due homage to the friendly disposition shown by the Honorable President of the United States toward the Haitian people and Government, I take [etc.]

Léon Laleau
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Minister in Haiti in his despatch No. 364, July 25, 1934; received July 30.