838.00/3216: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Armour) to the Secretary of State

78. Department’s instruction No. 186, July 12, with reference to lists contained in Navy Department’s letter of June 10.

While quantities of individual items now on hand have in certain instances decreased since the original lists were prepared it is believed that transfer of such property in addition to transfer of additional property as set forth below will nevertheless comply with both spirit and letter of commitments made by our Government vis-à-vis the Haitian Government. General Little concurs in this view and General Vogel has expressed satisfaction with property on lists which will presumably be turned over by the Haitian Government to the Garde d’Haiti.

It is understood that proper authorization has now been received for transfer of following: (1) radio station complete, (2) one hangar, (3) all telephone wire, (4) all buildings and appurtenances on land owned by the Haitian Government or held under leases or easements, (5) certain surveyed hospital equipment, (6) items as included on list in Navy Department’s letter referred to with differences explained above. All classes of property which have previously been directed by headquarters United States Marine Corps to be surveyed and sold in Haiti are at present being prepared for delivery to the Haitian Government. We all agree that no property should be sold under any circumstances.

With reference to three 37 mm guns Generals Little, Vogel, and I agree that for various reasons it will not be desirable to transfer such equipment. I do not believe that the Haitian Government expects to receive the guns referred to.

Reference last paragraph Department’s instruction, Minister for Foreign Affairs has informally agreed to effect exchange of notes as suggested in Department’s instruction in which the Haitian Government will assume all obligations under existing leases and easements [Page 303] and to which notes will be attached final lists of property transferred duly certified by the officials of the Haitian Government who will be appointed by it to receive the property.

Prompt telegraphic approval of proposed course of action outlined above is requested.17

  1. By telegram No. 65, July 18, 1934, 3 p.m., the Department informed the Minister in Haiti that his course of action was entirely approved.