The Secretary of State to the Minister in El Salvador ( Corrigan )

No. 47

Sir: With reference to previous correspondence concerning the Salvadoran external loan matter, there is enclosed herewith for your information a copy of a memorandum of a conversation held in the Department on November 20, 1934, with Messrs. Lisman and Lavis of the Bondholders Protective Committee for El Salvador Bonds.61

When Mr. Lavis calls upon you you are authorized to discuss the situation with him and, in your discretion, to afford him the benefit of your information in the matter. The Department does not, however, desire you to accompany Mr. Lavis in his visits to the Salvadoran authorities nor to associate yourself in any way with his negotiations. The Department will appreciate being informed promptly of such information as Mr. Lavis may furnish you concerning the course of his discussions.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Sumner Welles
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