The Secretary of State to the Minister in El Salvador (Corrigan)

No. 39

Sir: There is transmitted herewith for your information a copy of a memorandum of a conversation held on October 16, 1934, between Mr. F. J. Lisman, of the Bondholders Protective Committee for Republic of El Salvador Bonds, and Assistant Secretary Welles,58 as well as a copy of a communication which Mr. Lisman stated is being forwarded by air mail by the Bondholders Protective Committee to the Minister of Finance of El Salvador.59

You will please inquire, orally and informally, of the Minister for Foreign Affairs what the views of his Government may be as regards the proposal of the Bondholders Protective Committee that in the best interests of El Salvador and of the bondholders an extension of the existing Agreement of May 5, 1933, be effected to cover the calendar year 1935.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Sumner Welles
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