816.01/379: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Lane ) to the Acting Secretary of State

16. My 15, January 17, 10 p.m. The President having left suddenly this morning for León to attend a funeral I called on his private secretary and on his brother Federico Sacasa jointly to ascertain latest developments and to acquaint them with the substance of Lawton’s January 17, 5 p.m. They showed me paragraph 1 (telegram sent last night by President Sacasa to President Carías) stating that Crisanto Sacasa who had been unexpectedly delayed in Guatemala would soon proceed to Tegucigalpa to submit protocol to Carías and urging Carías to postpone definitive action on Ubico’s suggestion until he had had an opportunity to consult with Crisanto Sacasa.

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2. Copy of air mail letter sent this morning by President Sacasa to President Carías enclosing copy of proposed protocol and urging necessity of Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala upholding principles of treaty and of agreeing to calling of conference to be attended by five Central American countries.

Repeated to Tegucigalpa.