816.01/371: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Lane ) to the Acting Secretary of State

15. At the request of the President I called on him this evening. He showed me two messages dated today from Guatemala, (1) from President Ubico stating that Crisanto Sacasa and he had agreed that recognition of El Salvador by Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras be made on January 25 and proposing that after recognition representatives of Nicaragua and Guatemala should confer in Guatemala to fix date for inviting to a conference delegates of those parties interested in Central American treaties; (2) from Crisanto Sacasa confirming agreement with Ubico as to January 25; stating that Ubico has discussed project with President Carías and that everything is arranged between them except fixing the date of recognition; suggesting that President Sacasa send a radio telegram to Carías immediately; stating that Ubico thinks the suggested protocol unnecessary as the questions covered therein can be discussed by Nicaragua and Guatemala as soon as recognition is extended.

The President in expressing his disapproval of the proposed modification of his plan stated that the Ubico project would entail a violation of the general treaty on the part of the three countries; that the recognition would have no purpose unless it be shown that the treaty remains in force between the three; and that the action proposed would destroy the idealism in the treaty. He expressed his fear lest Guatemala, once the recognition were granted, would not agree to the calling of a conference. The President said that he proposed tomorrow morning early to telegraph to (1) President Carías to await the arrival of Crisanto Sacasa, regarding whose trip he has been informed, before definitely committing himself, (2) President Ubico that the date proposed is entirely agreeable but requesting him earnestly to reconsider the Sacasa proposal because of the importance [Page 237] of the maintenance of the spirit of the treaty in keeping peace in Central America.

President Sacasa requested me to suggest to the Department that telegraphic instructions be sent to our representatives in Guatemala and Tegucigalpa to express to the respective Governments the hope that they will support his proposal, providing for the maintenance of the treaty as between the three and for the calling of a conference of the five countries. I told him that I would be glad to transmit his request.

Assuming that Crisanto Sacasa’s telegram correctly sets forth Ubico’s views (Ubico’s telegram appears to be silent as to the protocol and it is not clear, from what Lawton in his January 17, 5 p.m.14 reports the Guatemalan Foreign Office as having said to him, whether the Guatemalan Government objects to the terms of the protocol) it would seem unwise (1) not to include Honduras in the proposed preliminary talks regarding conference to discuss treaty and (2) for the three countries to grant recognition without appropriate reference to treaty of 1923.

Repeated to Guatemala and Tegucigalpa.

Sacasa appears to feel that he is entitled to Department’s full support in sustaining his point of view with Honduran and Niearaguan [Guatemalan?] Governments because of suggestion made in Department’s 2, January 9, 2 p.m., and because of Department’s approval of his plan. Department’s telegram of January 12 to other Central American missions15 indicating approval could obviously not have referred to Sacasa’s final plan which was first shown to me in completed form on January 13 and transmitted [in] telegram No. 8.16

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